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Get Instant Results with our Charts, Stock Picks and Professional Training.

We make you a better trader with our online tools – P&F Charts, P&F Patterns Scanner, Relative Strength Analysis, Relative Strength Matrix. Learn Swing trading effortlessly with our proven trading strategy.

  • Our point and figure charts always give you a quick overview with our stock strength indicator, and advanced charting options.
  • Quickly see which sectors are the strongest with Relative Strength analysis.
  • Advanced Charting Options: Wyckoff figure charts, Percentage, logarithmic price scales, Point and Figure patterns.
  • Portable – Use on any desktop or mobile device, PC, Mac, Linux, tablets, iPads, Android
  • Stock/Market Indicators and summaries save you time and give you a quick overview of the market
  • Our proven Market Timing Indicators tells you when to enter the market AND when to exit
  • P&F charts for any stock, quickly and easily. Filter out the best stocks using fundamental P&F criteria, find stocks in Point and Figure patterns.

Get Proven Point and Figure Stock Picks

Independent research at Purdue University proved that trading Point and Figure patterns outperforms the rest of the market. Our team takes this proven formula even further by giving you hand-picked stocks based on P&F Patterns, Relative Strength, and other factors


Become a Point and Figure Expert, Fast

With a little practice, P&F will give you the ability to spot clear, unambiguous buy and sell signals. Our training gives you the skills you need to spot more profitable trading opportunities on your own using Relative Strength, Point and Figure patterns, and market sector analysis.


Powerful point and figure Charts & Alerts

Quickly view charts for any stock and read the professional built-in analysis for each stock. Search stocks by Point and Figure pattern and other criterias like buy/sell signals, trendline, sector relative strength and more. Receive alerts for any stock based on P&F pattern or Relative Strength directly to your inbox.


P&F patterns: proven to beat the market

Trading Point and Figure Patterns has been proven by independent research at Purdue University to be highly effective – much more so than chance or other indicators.

The fastest, easiest way to increase your skills and results in trading is simple:

Start using point and figure charting. Here’s how we can help you:

  • Follow a professional trader in real-time. Watching someone else choose winning stocks on a regular basis will help increase your ability to do the same thing.
  • Increase your skills and become an expert through our Point and Figure training AND by getting specific advice on your analysis from our Point and Figure experts.
  • Get access to the right charting tools. They should be easy to use, but also have advanced options to give you the information you need – quickly and easily.
  • Get clear, to-the-point, market reports as PDF files to your inbox every week. We include stock pics, market indicators and insights that are only available to our members.

The Point and Figure strategy that we offer gives you everything you need to start trading now, and to find more trading opportunities in the future, as your skills increase.

Stock advice and market alerts every week

Get proven stock picks, market alerts and indicators sent to you every week. Know when market turns Bearish or Bullish, before the rest.

Don’t have time to proactively review your investments or look for new ones? The weekly newsletter will keep you up to date. You may also receive alerts specific to your portfolio or watchlist.

Save time and eliminate guesswork

Stop struggling to learn how to spot buy/sell opportunities. Use our stock picks to trade immediately while you increase your ability to spot your own trading opportunities. This combination of training and stock advice will help you get better results, faster.

Powerful chartings tools

Powerful, easy-to-use Point and Figure charts with built-in analysis and advanced features. Stock scanner finds stocks by any P&F criteria to help you find new opportunities, instantly. Search for specific patterns within any market, sector, or within your portfolio.

Stock advice from P&F experts

Learn and profit from our weekly stocks picks and analysis and entry advice. Increase your trading skills with personalized feedback on your charts and analysis.

How we increase your odds of success

Our team helps you increase your odds even more by hand-picking stocks that are not only strong according to P&F patterns, but also fit into our own criteria. In many cases, we give specific examples of when and how to enter stocks that are in this list. Our focus is on providing stocks that have strong, long-term growth potential. We trade our own account using the very same strategy. Using the point and figure patterns give you a greater chance of success than most indicators and investment newsletters available – at a fraction of the cost.

How have we done so far?

Our Point and Figure stock picks have clearly out-performed the S&P 500 since its launch. It has also out-performed other leading investment newsletters by over 5X. We are proud of our results, and you will be proud of yours when you start using our Point and Figure service.

Take the confusion out of trading

Investors have more news, analysis, charts, alerts and indicators than ever before. Unfortunately, most of this information confuses traders and hurts trading confidence. Very few indicators or charts give you clear, actionable trading signals

Point and Figure charting makes trading much easier

It gives you clear, unambiguous trading signals and patterns. Most traders have a hard time beating the market – but by spotting the most important trends and using P&F techniques such as P&F patterns and Relative Strength analysis it can be done confidently.

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